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Hi, I’m Alexander Collins, founder of Erudite Games.  Does your corporate training arouse excitement & anticipation? Or does it evoke dread & despair?  Probably, the latter.  … Worse, why is so much technical instruction STILL done in prose and power point bullets, when technical personnel tend to be visual learners?  That’s why I created Erudite Games.  There’s no reason why training can’t be a bit more entertaining.  But rather than take my word for it, watch our CyberArk video where we take a most boring and drab topic, and make it into a very memorable video that people in the CyberArk community have raved about.

Why Choose Me

Imagine you needed to learn how a basic Intel processor operation worked.  Which would you prefer, reading through paragraphs and paragraphs of confusing text in Intel’s technical manual --- or ---  watching a very succinct and simple animation that’s visually appealing and easier to understand?   I guarantee you will learn it quicker via the latter.  Many things in the technical world are just better taught via animations versus lengthy prose.  This is just one of our two, key use cases at Erudite Games → teaching people visually.

The other use case we emphasize is teaching boring topics.  The dry topics of corporate training are usually bad enough, but the pain is only exacerbated by extraordinarily unimaginative presentation with an interactivity level that barely surpasses turning a page in a book. 

Unlike most trainers, we get it.

My Portfolio

We will be adding more videos and technical reference graphics.  In the meantime, please sample our CyberArk intro video which demonstrates taking an extremely, dry boring technical topic and presenting it in an exciting visual fashion

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If you are looking for first-rate graphics to complement the text for your company’s educational materials, contact me. I look forward to working with you.